Buy Sell Trend Forex Cyper System Indicator For Tradingview

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Buy-Sell Trend Forex Cyper System Indicator For MT4


Recommended for 5 Min to 4H Chart

– Ability to run on multiple timeframes at the same time.

– Support almost all different pairs available on tradingview 

– High percentage of accuracy

– You can use it for day trading or scalping. 


Buy Rules

Blue Arrows Showing Buy


Sell Rules

Red Arrows Showing Sell 


Exit Rules

exit at the opposite arrow;

exit with profit target predetermined.

Stop Loss for sell trade goes above the previous swing high + spread, and for buy trades, below the previous swing low+ spread.


15 reviews for Buy Sell Trend Forex Cyper System Indicator For Tradingview

  1. User Avatar

    Sariyah Rafiq atar (verified owner)

    Hi, I recommend this indicator joined the consistency and high accuracy > 86% is the key. Not many signals in a day but mostly close in profit. Forexlia doing his work very well, so far this is my best forex indicator . Thanks

  2. User Avatar

    ram harjai (verified owner)

    This is great! Pretty accurate. Maybe next, you can make a RISE Great!

  3. User Avatar

    ameenkhan (verified owner)

    Your indicator system is so good that I think I am a professional trader Wonderful work

  4. User Avatar

    Benjamin Harvey (verified owner)

    I feel good using it so far. The results are nice but still early stage for me. Am still testing

  5. User Avatar

    Diana ROOS

    Thanks for the indicator, Its worth for me

  6. User Avatar


    How can I buy this indicator

    • User Avatar


      You can pay through paypal, crypto or stripe payment getway.

  7. Tunnelvision

    This is more of a questions. Can this indicator be used for stocks & oil markets as well? I also enjoy trading options (QQQ & FB). Just want to ensure that is the right indicator for markets that I trade. Thank you in advanced!

    • User Avatar


      Yes, You can use this indicator on any pair or stock.

  8. User Avatar

    Renel Petithomme

    Thank you for responding to my question in a timely manner. I will finalize my order now.

  9. User Avatar

    kim Hoyeong

    지표는 어떻게 구입하나요? 모바일에서도 사용가능하나요?
    구입하게되면 지표는 어디서 다운로드 하나요?

    • User Avatar


      표시기는 당사 웹사이트에서 사용할 수 있습니다. 웹사이트에서 구매할 수 있지만 해당 표시기는 노트북 데스크톱에서만 실행되며 모바일용 표시기는 아닙니다.

  10. User Avatar

    Kim Hoyeong

    어떻게 구입하나요? 모바일에서도 사용가능하요? 구입하게되면 어디에서 다운로드 하나요?

    • User Avatar


      표시기 다운로드 파일이 이메일로 전송되지만 표시기는 모바일에서 작동하지 않으며 데스크탑 및 랩탑에서만 실행됩니다.

  11. User Avatar

    kim Hoyeong (verified owner)

    죄송합니다. 제가 구입은 했는데 메모장을 봐도 지표 설정 방법을 모르겠습니다.

  12. Ariel


    • User Avatar

      admin (verified owner)


  13. User Avatar


    Can we use in MT5 ?

    • User Avatar

      admin (verified owner)

      We will release mt5 versions very soon

  14. pawan singh

    I am trading on some indicator from last 3 years but I like the accuracy of your indicator.

  15. Han

    Can I use this indicator with mobile version? Where do I download the indicator if I buy it?

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