Buy Sell Trend Forex Cyper System Indicator For MT4

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Buy-Sell Trend Forex Cyper System Indicator For MT4


Recommended for 5 Min to 4H Chart

– You can get Popup Alerts, Email & Push (MT4 mobile notifications)

– Ability to run on multiple charts at the same time.

– Support almost all different pairs available on mt4 

– High percentage of accuracy

– You can use it for day trading or scalping. 


Buy Rules

Blue Arrows Showing Buy


Sell Rules

Red Arrows Showing Sell 


Exit Rules

exit at the opposite arrow;

exit with profit target predetermined.

Stop Loss for sell trade goes above the previous swing high + spread, and for buy trades, below the previous swing low+ spread.

14 reviews for Buy Sell Trend Forex Cyper System Indicator For MT4

  1. User Avatar

    toleca lame (verified owner)

    Thank you for this amazing system

  2. User Avatar

    Hak Rady (verified owner)

    Highly recommended indicator and stable profit.

  3. User Avatar

    Souza Almeida (verified owner)

    Before you, I bought the indicators of service providers from a lot, but your the accuracy of this indicator system is very good.

  4. User Avatar


    How can i buy this

  5. User Avatar

    Opal Kidd (verified owner)

    This indicator makes things easy for me. I’m glad to have made this purchase. I am very thankful for your Great Work. Thanks.

  6. User Avatar

    Aman kundra

    Thank you, Really good one

  7. User Avatar

    Shaik Imran (verified owner)

    They say there is no 100% in forex. That’s cos they haven’t use this indicator yet…

    Have been attaining consistent Profit with the help of this indicator. It really makes life easy as a day trader, it helps to remove the analysis portion of the trading day, hence enabling u to give utmost focus on the trade management.


  8. Johnson

    Very Accurate indicator

  9. amreeta

    My friend suggest me to buy this indicator and I m wondering how accurate this indicator is

  10. User Avatar


    Highly recommended

  11. User Avatar


    I Like This indicator with buy sell Signals to trading and have been trading this style for 3 years, it was like

  12. Ariel


    • User Avatar


      No, it’s not a repaint indicator.

  13. yaska

    nice work

  14. User Avatar

    Mark Byatt

    What is the strategy behind this indicator? Been watching your YouTube live on gold and it does seem to work well.

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