The currency market, also known as Foreign Exchange (Forex), is the largest financial market in the world, with trading volumes exceeding 4 trillion dollars per day. This market is attended by participants from all over the world, 24 hours a day, via the Internet, through the electronic trading platforms provided by the forex brokers, in order to allow them to buy and sell currencies of the main economies of the world, such As: USD, EURO, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, NZD, etc. Likewise, in the forex market it is possible to negotiate financial derivatives of the CFDs type (Contract for Difference), which replicate the behavior of prices of its underlying assets, among which are Gold, Petroleum, financial indices, bonds, interest rates and companies that they are listed on the main stock exchanges of the world. To invest in the forex market participants must open an account in a broker or financial intermediary, which will facilitate access to a pool of liquidity providers (Banks, Hedge Funds and other financial institutions), therefore acting as a counterpart in the buy and sell transactions of currencies (and CFDs). The forex market is an “Over The Counter” or extra stock market, since it does not have a physical headquarters that centralizes the transactions of its participants. However, according to the legal domicile of the broker, the participants have the protection of regulatory institutions that supervise the activities of the brokers, in order to guarantee the application of the best trading practices and monitor compliance with the established rules to provide security to the participants and thus contribute to the existence of fair and transparent trading conditions.

We offer forex managed account service through PAMM platforms, established with brokers of excellent reputation and recognized trajectory. Our service is suggested for investors who understand the risks of investing in the forex market. All services referenced at this website are encouraged to consult with a licensed financial advisor of your choice regarding any particular trade or trading strategy.

PAMM is the acronym for Percentage Allocation Management Module. It is a state-of-the-art technological solution provided by some brokers to fund managers that use the MetaTrader 4 platform, in order to allow them to simultaneously manage the funds of their investors. However, the broker maintains the administrative separation of each investor’s funds, including, guaranteeing the right of each one to withdraw their funds at any time, in whole or in part and without the need for third-party authorization. The profits or losses resulting from the operations of the fund manager will be distributed proportionally among the investors, based on the capital individually invested in the PAMM. For his professional work, the fund manager will charge a commission percentage (performance fee) which will be applied to the gross profits obtained at the end of each month. Said commission will be automatically deducted and credited to the fund manager’s commission account

It is a formula to calculate the fees of fund managers and protect investors from paying unfair fees. The High Water-Mark policy guarantees the investor that he will only pay fees to the manager if his investment has experienced a net growth. 

Yes, you can at any time and without prior notice, increase your account balance. Our forex robot automatically adjusts the size of the trade lot without increasing the risk level.

No. You can request partial withdrawals or the total withdrawal of your funds at any time. Forex Vortex does not apply any penalty or exit fee for the withdrawal of your funds.

Forex Vortex does not apply exit fees or penalties to investors who decide to make withdrawal of their funds. However, the brokers debit a small financial commission in order to cover the cost of the transfer of funds. Please, for more details consult your broker.

There is no time limit. Your funds will remain on our PAMM platform until you revoke the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) and notify the broker accordingly. You may revoke the LPOA at any time.

Yes, you can have one or more forex accounts, with one or all of our partners brokers.

No. PAMM platforms only allow managing accounts opened with the same broker.

Yes. Our support team will be glad to offer you a more detailed explanation of the account opening process at any of our associated brokers.

Our master accounts are denominated in USD and therefore, if you wish to invest in forex through our PAMM platforms, you must choose USD as the base currency of your account.

Yes. Keep in mind that when you deposit funds to your forex account, the financial institutions that intervene may apply charges for monetary exchange, which are beyond our control.

No. No trader or forex investment program can guarantee investors profits in a certain period of time.

The brokers will allow you to monitor your results through a web interface, which you can access using the investor credentials that your broker will provide.

The regulatory institutions prohibit us from doing business with people or companies linked to drug trafficking, terrorist activities or fraud. Likewise, the brokers will not open accounts to persons included in the Clinton List, formally named Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers, of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department or who are residents of countries sanctioned by the United Nations or the USA, such as: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Suriname, Syria, etc.

Accordion ContentYou must open a forex account with any of our partners brokers. Next, you must deposit sufficient funds and grant to Forex Vortex a LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney), whose text is provided by the broker.

Our PAMM platforms offer a professional trading environment, where the best technical conditions exist for investing in forex. Therefore, through the PAMM platforms, investors obtain similar returns to those in Forex Vortex. Some subscribers of forex signals might be subject to technical disadvantages, such as: Latency, Slippage, freezing of the MT4 platform, ghost trades, restart of the VPS, larger spread, commissions of the broker, VPS cost, continuous monitoring of the MT4 platform, etc. Due to these circumstances, the results of subscribers of a forex signal could be different than the master account and if there are any gains, they will be lower.

Yes. You don´t need to perform any technical task or have your mt4 platform open. However, you also have the ability to set your own risk level and set your own limit of loss.

You should contact your broker and inform about your request. The broker will immediately respond to your request.